How to be ethical when BLOGging

There are millions of different blogs within online media, all displaying different content, interests and opinions. Whilst this is a positive for us, it is important when blogging to have an understanding of the ethical issues involved.

ETHICAL BLOGGING A 10 POINT GUIDE explains the do’s and don’ts in regards to being ethical and moral online.

This article has taught me:

  • Ethical bloggers should ensure they distinguish between the truth and their own personal opinions
  • it is easy to plagiarise and hard to catch people doing so
  • hyperlinks indicate that the bloggers information and analysis is not necessarily original, therefor giving credit where needed
  • bloggers should be open to commentary and free speech on their page, so that a community can be made
  • Bloggers should be honest when they are being paid to promote a product
  • ethical bloggers should take full responsibility for everything they post
  • They should be mindful of their audience and the effects of what they are putting online could have on people

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